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Great Companies with Great Rates

Aetna, Cigna, BCBS, Humana, Priority, Mutual of Omaha, TransAmerica and others.

Talk to Harvey – No Pressure and No Obligation …

only Honest and Sincere Advice

Harvey Hanna II

Call: 231-631-5825 or Call: 231-779-7919

Or fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you right away!

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Harve will patiently help you to…

Are you turning 65 and/or planning to retire in the next 6 months

Click Here

If you are already enrolled in Medicare

Click Here

To request more info and receive a callback —

Fill out form on this page or call 231-631-5825 or 231-779-7919


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Check any box(es) that apply to you

[av_contact_field label=’Please contact me, I am turning 65 – or planning to retire soon’ type=’checkbox’ options=” check=” width=” av_uid=’av-19cz7n’ multi_select=” av_contact_preselect=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’I need help understanding the various options I have’ type=’checkbox’ options=” check=” width=” av_uid=’av-14l3pn’ multi_select=” av_contact_preselect=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’I have a MedSupp Plan and want to see if there’s a better premium available’ type=’checkbox’ options=” check=” width=”][/av_contact_field]
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You can change your Advantage Plan or Drug Plan (Parts C & D) between 10/15 and 12/7

[av_contact_field label=’I need to choose my best Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) for next year’ type=’checkbox’ options=” check=” width=” av_uid=’av-jnb4z’ multi_select=” av_contact_preselect=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’I have an Advantage Plan (Part C) and want to choose the best coverage and value for next year’ type=’checkbox’ options=” check=” width=” av_uid=’av-en8vv’ multi_select=” av_contact_preselect=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’Can I switch from an Advantage Plan back to Original Medicare with a Supplement Plan?’ type=’checkbox’ options=” check=” width=”][/av_contact_field]